High resolution manometry

Reizal Mohd Rosli
Raghu Kumar
Tim Hibberd
Marcello Costa
Lukasz Wiklendt
David Wattchow
John Arkwright
Dyan de Fontgalland
Simon Brookes
Phil Dinning

Organ bath studies of motility recorded from entire sections surgically excised human colon.

Updated on May 19, 2020 (Version 2)

Corresponding Contributor:

Phil Dinning
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Dataset Overview

Study purpose: Colonic high-resolution manometry (HRM) has been used to reveal discrete, propagating colonic motor patterns in vivo. To help determine mechanisms underlying these patterns, we used HRM to record contractile activity in human distal colon segments, ex vivo.

Data collection: Pressure data acquired by either catheter were exported as text files for analysis in custom-made PlotHRM software developed by the authors (LW), written in Matlab (Mathworks, MA, USA) and Java (Sun Microsystems, CA, USA).

Primary conclusion: None stated.

Curator's Notes

Experimental Design: Samples were obtained from colorectal surgery patients who had given informed consent. The specimens were retrieved from the patient, cleaned, prepared, and recorded using the colonic high-resolution manometry.

Completeness: Complete

Subjects/Samples: Colon samples were removed from 34 human patients (male = 18, female = 16), between 37 and 87 years of age. Subjects had segments of the descending colon (n = 30) or sigmoid colon (n = 4) removed during elective colorectal surgery for non-obstructing distal large bowl cancer (n =31) or recurrent sigmoid diverticulitis (n =3).

Primary vs. derivative: The primary data file is sorted by subject, and recorded data is in the .txt file format. There is no derivative file.

Important Notes: (1) Primary Folder. The manifest in the primary folder provides demographic information on all patients from the study. (2) This study has a Docs folder that contains a manifest, a figure describing the experimental setup, and an MS word file with defining the layout for the data files in the primary folder. (3) The software developed by this lab (PlotHRM software), and used for this study is currently not freely available.

Code Availability: Not available

Open Questions: Any resulting analysis available would be beneficial.


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