Multi-scale rabbit cardiac electrophysiology models

A computational workflow for integration and implementation of a reusable and reproducible rabbit cardiac multi-scale electrophysiology model. Caption: Illustration of ion channels and action potential propogation in cardiac tissue

Updated on August 14, 2019 (Version 17)
Manuel Guidon, Timothy J. Lewis, Mao-Tsuen Jeng, Pei-Chi Yang
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Multi-scale rabbit cardiac electrophysiology models

The workflow integrates multistep single-cell, 1D and 2D model simulations in a single automated process. The model formulation for ventricular cells from rabbits (Soltis-Saucerman*) was implemented in the workflow. The model contains beta-adrenergic signaling pathways, and the firing rate model (unpublished Lewis model).


*Soltis, A. R., & Saucerman, J. J. (2010). Synergy between CaMKII substrates and β-adrenergic signaling in regulation of cardiac myocyte Ca2+ handling. Biophysical journal, 99(7), 2038-2047.

This work is also based on previous research using Kepler flows to model cardiac physiology:

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August 14, 2019 (Version 17)
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