CTb Intrapancreatic 1 week

Rosemary Li
Maria Jimenez-Gonzalez
Sarah Stanley

Quantification of CTB in coeliac, nodose and dorsal root ganglia 1 week after intrapancreatic injection

Updated on May 9, 2020 (Version 1, Revision 1)

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Maria Jimenez-Gonzalez
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Dataset Overview

Study purpose: This study was undertaken to define the neural connectivity of the pancreas.

Data collection: The neuronal tracer Cholera Toxin Subunit Beta (CTb) conjugated with a fluorophore (AlexaFluor 488) is injected in the parenchyma of the pancreas. 1 week later neuronal ganglia, including Nodose, Coeliac and thoracic Dorsal Root Ganglia are harvested. Tissue clearing and staining for CTb is performed using the iDisco protocol. Image acquisition is done utilizing a confocal microscope. Further, the quantification of CTb positive neurons is assessed using IMARIS software.

Primary conclusion: None stated.

Curator's Notes

Experimental Design: Samples (n=31) were obtained from 6 mice, whose pancreas was injected with CTb to mark neurons. Tissue from the Nodose, Coeliac, and thoracic Dorsal Root Ganglia were harvested for histology.

Completeness: Complete

Subjects/Samples: Samples were taken from 6 male, 3-month-old adult, C57BL/6J mice, weighing 24-27 g.

Primary vs. Derived: Experimental documents are available as images for each peripheral ganglia in the primary folder. A summary of the histology results is available in the derived folder.

Important Notes: The documents folder and protocols are highly informative.


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